Choose from dozens of weapons and optimize your gear sets for battle!

time travel

Fight the roots of the virus in the past, or its outbreaks in the future. 
All to preserve the present.


Your PURPOSE: Find the balance between Science and Divinity that is needed to ensure a future Utopia for all.

This week, I made NPCs more aggressive, so that they swarm players more quickly. NPCs will now talk to one another and respond to threats as a group.Soon, they will act according to group composition, presenting unique challenges in each area of a given map. Escape […]
The modern weapons class features the kinds of tech and weapons we’d expect to see in the modern day – making it more effective against modern NPCs and objects. Our first test is with a SMG that does high damage and has a good rate of […]
The last couple of months have focused on the UI for Escape Condition. Shown above are two of the codex screens. These screens teach players everything they need to know about the game. Since class systems are important in Escape Condition, this info will help players […]