Cyberpunk and Warzone timelines share some weaponry

Cyberpunk isn’t the only possible future in Escape Condition – you’ll also travel to the FUTURE WARZONE and UTOPIAN timelines for missions, each with different goals.

When visiting the FUTURE WARZONE, expect a world overrun by violent warfare and severe flooding – which have left the population to build vaulted walls from which to fight one another. These massive walls mean lots of vertical gameplay here, as you’ll need to keep your wits about you for attacks from above while you try to reach the next checkpoint.

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Escape Condition is an upcoming, indie shooter for PC/Steam that combines concepts from time travel and philosophy. Its solo development by Steve Broome in Unreal Engine 4 is being documented here.

Test rig:
MOBO: X470 Taichi
GPU: 5600 XT or 1070
CPU: Ryzen 3950x 

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