Game Art Update: Cyberpunk timeline

This week I’ve been adding art to the buildings and environments in the Cyberpunk timeline. Cyberpunk has a well known look (neon lights, screens, holograms), but I wanted each aspect of the look to have purpose.

In the Cyberpunk timeline, neon ropes will appear where electricity does not operate correctly. Lack of electricity and fresh water are common problems after decades of warfare, global warming, and pollution.

As in every world overtaken by SYN, the Cyberpunk timeline is constantly on fire, and residents even burn SYN into the air for intoxication. As a player, you’ll need to equip special helmets and masks to mitigate the pollution in this timeline, while avoiding trash fires in the area. Alternatively, you can try to race to hard-to-find fresh water locations to replenish your health.

before and after a building is converted to Cyberpunk aesthetics

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