time travel POI: badentoc labs
Avg. ~180FPS in Steam

This week I optimized the art assets that will be in the final version of Escape Condition. Add in a new lighting pass, and the performance improvements were easily noticeable.

With the map ~70% complete, I’m averaging 180-200 FPS when testing in Steam. This is a big help in first-person shooters b/c the action feels much more responsive. This improved performance makes a 60 FPS release possible, but a lot more testing will be needed.

Escape Condition is an upcoming, indie, first-person shooter for PC/Steam that combines concepts from time travel and philosophy. Its solo development by Steve Broome in Unreal Engine 4 is being documented here.

Test rig:
MOBO: X470 Taichi
GPU: 5600 XT or 1070
CPU: Ryzen 3950x 

Discord    https://discord.gg/yH4hbxC
Twitter      https://twitter.com/coalminds/

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