This week, I made NPCs more aggressive, so that they swarm players more quickly. NPCs will now talk to one […]
The last couple of months have focused on the UI for Escape Condition. Shown above are two of the codex […]
time travel POI: badentoc labs
This week I optimized the art assets that will be in the final version of Escape Condition. Add in a […]
The first devlog episode is up on the Escape Condition Youtube channel. In it, I talk about combat in the […]
We’re returning to the FUTURE WARZONE alternate timeline. FUTURE WARZONE is constantly embroiled in a war. You’ll need to bring […]
Cyberpunk isn’t the only possible future in Escape Condition – you’ll also travel to the FUTURE WARZONE and UTOPIAN timelines […]
In Escape Condition, one of the most common time travel destinations will be the alternate Cyberpunk future. Shown here is […]
Weapons and ammo are now fully functional, meaning players need NPCs to fight. Cyber Cops in the evil variation of […]
Indie game time travel
This week I’m adding lots of code for time travel in Escape Condition. This time travel works seamlessly as part […]
The modern weapons class features the kinds of tech and weapons we’d expect to see in the modern day – […]
This week I’ve been adding art to the buildings and environments in the Cyberpunk timeline. Cyberpunk has a well known […]
When you visit the ancient timeline, you’ll find a world overgrown with lush, deadly jungle flora, corrupted by the SYN […]